she is kos!

here are a few things i need you to know about me:

  • my name, akosua, is a ghanaian name for a girl born on sunday, but i was actually born on a monday.

  • i am a proud belieber of over 15 years.

  • i have never seen the entirety of the lion king because i get too sad after mufasa dies.

  • my senior thesis was a 100-page paper entirely about the olympics.

  • i love outer space. jupiter is my favorite planet, but i firmly support the justice for pluto movement.

  • i cried tears of joy when the eagles won the super bowl in 2018.

  • people on 3 separate occasions have told me i "walk like steve jobs".

the kos peace sign is a signature look that i have tried in vain to rid myself of. once i met joe biden and automatically threw up a peace sign in our picture.
joe looks great and i look like an idiot.